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An Overview of STAT Medical Transcription Services

If you are looking for the best online medical transcription service that is also super affordable, you landed in the right place, read on!

STAT Medical Transcription Services, Inc.

STAT Medical Transcription Services, Inc. has been providing medical transcription services across the United States since 2001 and has built a reputation for excellence and a high standard of service. STAT Transcription Service, Inc. will help you and your business no matter what area of the healthcare field you are in. Our high-quality medical transcriptions to help improve your workflow and efficiency. Our team is reliable and has undergone specific training to allow for the best transcriptions to go to your office.

Hiring a medical transcription company is the best choice, especially if you don't have enough people in your hospital or clinic to do the transcription for you. Save time and go with the company you trust. STAT Transcription Service is here to help you concentrate on your patients and other aspects of your practice.

What does STAT Medical Transcription Services, Inc. do?

STAT Medical Transcription Services, Inc. provides a specific medical transcriptionist along with a secondary transcriptionist for extra assistance and to ensure that your transcription is as detailed as possible. As you work with us, your transcriptionist learns your dictation style and habits, creating a more personalized service that can last for years.

Our areas include Dentistry, Dermatology, Family Practice, Psychology, Mental Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and many more! STAT Medical Transcription Services, Inc. offers 3 different dictation methods so you can choose where you are most comfortable with.

  1. Toll-Free Call

The first one is Toll-Free Call-In where you can just call their 24-hour phone-in dictation system with your phone, making this an incredibly convenient option.

  1. Using Handheld Recorder

The second one is using a handheld recorder, after completing dictation, you will simply upload the files from your recorder to our secure FTP. This provides you with flexibility during a busy work day.

  1. Using Recording Apps

Lastly, you can just use recording apps on your phone if you don't have your own recorder and send the file directly to their secure FTP. After they transcribe your dictation, they will deliver the finished document through Secure FTP, Fax, Local courier, or to your EMR.

To know more about what other services they offer check out their website here ( ) and maybe start your free 1,000-line trial period!

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