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Medical Transcription Services On Demand


Stat Transcription Services Inc. is the top remote medical transcription company in the USA committed to providing HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services online for various medical fields.

Keeping a precise medical transcription document is an essential and obligatory practice in the medical & health care industry. 

In the general process, physicians dictate the condition of the patients, and the details are entered into the EHR accordingly. But when you hire a professional transcription company like ours, we help you by transcribing the documents, examining the notes and other clinical reports with quality so that you can have enough time to concentrate on the other patients and increase your productivity. 


Since 2001, we have been working on various medical transcription projects, and we know how to cut down the operational costs and increase the ROI of our clients. We serve various medical sectors including: hospital-based clinics, multi-specialty clinics, health management companies, group practices, and many other health care sectors.

We can also offer the best transcription services remotely. Whether you are a surgeon at a multi-specialty hospital or a healthcare provider in private practice, we can assure 100% accurate, fast and reliable remote medical transcription services.

Our professional transcriptionists have many years of experience regarding medical transcription services. They can transcribe all kinds of medical reports, including medical evaluations, physical examination reports, operative reports, emergency room reports, psychiatric evaluations, discharge summaries, chart notes, x-ray reports, and more.

Our Medical Transcription Process

  • Dictation

  • Quality checking

  • File transfer

  • Transmission of voice files

  • Transcription

  • Delivery of inscribed reports

  • Process Of Our Medical Transcription Services 

As soon as the transcription is done our professional quality assurance team analyzes the work quality and provides you with several dictation options while maintaining security and safety.

Want to improve the workflow? Signup now or contact us at 866-694-7828 for accurate and affordable medical transcription services.

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