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The Need For Medical Transcription

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Through these last 18+ months of the COVID19 Pandemic the need for medical transcription services has surged. Doctors and nurses are simply inundated with patients and unable to accurately transcribe themselves. The influx of patients has created a much greater need and a more important need than ever before. However, many hospitals and primary care physicians still wonder what is the cost of medical transcription services.

Our services were designed not to be prohibitive to any provider that may benefit from our services. We want to be able to accurately transcribe to be able to benefit as many patients as possible. In fact, our rates start as low at $0.10 per line! We even offer a free trial period with up to 1,000 lines for free. We try to make this as simple as possible to help gain your trust in the accuracy of our services. Yo

u can simply start dictating through one of our three options (Mobile Phone App, Call In, Digital Recorder) and we will get to work on your free lines. If you are unhappy with our abilities you have no obligation to move forward. If you find you are happy we would love to continue to work together and are able to put together a custom quote for you based on your ongoing needs.

Not only has the COVID19 Pandemic put a strain on doctors and hospitals but the aging baby boomer population has also increased the demand for medical transcription services. The greater the number and need of patients then the greater the need for accurate medical transcription services. Having been in business since 2001 we understand how overwhelming it can be to trust an outside source to accurately transcribe. We hope our complimentary 1,000 lines are enough to earn your trust and we look forward to working together.

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