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Top 5 most in demand jobs in the Medical Field

The medical field is full of opportunities for people at every level of education. However, there are a few jobs that have topped the list making them the most in demand jobs in the medical job market.

Nurses- All levels of nurses from RNs to Intensive Care nurses, are needed with a growing demand that is only expected to increase moving past the COVID19 pandemic. While the majority of nurses have a bachelor's degree it is possible to achieve this title with an associate’s degree. Nurses are needed in every field including, cardiology, general medicine, and geriatrics providing essential support to both doctors and patients.

Mental Health Specialists- This area has expanded dramatically to include not only psychology and psychiatry but also to professionals that provide essential behavior and mental health services. As the conversation around mental health continues, there need to be enough educated professionals to provide sound advice and help to people of all ages.

Physician Assistants- In the healthcare field, it is always all hands on deck. These essential workers are generally performing exams, interpreting tests and working alongside doctors and surgeons to develop the best treatment plan for patients. This is another position that can be highly specialized depending on the individuals interests.

Physiatry Physicians- Also known as the field of physical medicine, individuals in this field are doctors who have chosen to specialize in medical conditions that affect the spinal cord, brain, ligaments, muscles, joints, bones, nerves, and tendons. They create and provide comprehensive treatment plans for their patients and are usually also coordinating with rehabilitation therapists in fields like physical and occupational therapists.

Nephrology- This is a specific field that is expected to have a high demand with the field estimated to be growing by 22% by 2029. This specialty in internal medicine not only focuses on normal kidney health, but also prevention and treatment of progressive diseases that affect these vital parts of our body. They most commonly work in private practice, dialysis centers, and in hospitals.

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