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An Overview of our Dictation methods

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Perhaps the best way to build and update patient files is to rely on a professional transcription service. Within the medical field, there are many opportunities for dictation services to be implemented into your practice or during your daily routine at the hospital. It is known that speaking out loud is almost always faster than typing and works wonderfully for on the go staff. At STAT Medical Transcriptions we offer our clients 3 different dictation methods so that they can choose one that best suits their needs.

Hand-Held Digital Recorder- For doctors who are seeing many different patients throughout the day, a hand-held recorder is going to be an excellent option. These devices are small, portable, and have a long battery life. They can easily be put into a pocket and be brought out when needed. Once the recording is finished, it is converted into a digital file. This file can then be labeled appropriately and uploaded directly to our secure FTP platform.

Cell Phone App- In the modern world we have the benefit of having a tiny little computer in our pocket that can also serve as a recording device. Using a cell phone app means that you are able to keep the files separate from your personal information and most apps are free or with a low cost. The portability is there as well as the battery life. However, if you are also using your phone for other activities during the work day, you may need to put it to charge. While it charges, you can also upload the digital file directly to our secure FTP.

Toll-Free Call In- Any phone can be used to call into our phone-in dictation system. There are absolutely no maintenance fees, equipment fees, or extra software needed. After dialing our toll-free number, enter your unique identification number, work type and just start talking.

Whichever one of our dictation methods you choose to use, you can be assured that you are working with one of the best medical transcription companies. We look forward to providing you with quality transcriptions in a turn around time that works for your needs.

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